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    Bouteaque Hotel is firmly rooted in a monumental building located on the intimate Onze Lieve Vrouweplein in the heart of Maastricht. This lovely square exudes peace and radiates allure. Looking through the windows with shutters at the front, you can see the Onze Lieve Vrouwebasiliek above the treetop ... chic!

    This hotel with 5 unique rooms on a B&B basis offers in the immediate vicinity, greenery, terraces and the most beautiful shops, the rhythm of the day slumbers here. The traveler and bon vivant no longer needs. The Bouteaque crew welcomes you for a unique stay in Bouteaque hotel, they check you in and are happy to give you the necessary tips for a wonderful stay.

    Further information regarding corona:

    The time has come ... After all the shops have opened, the catering industry is open again! We can go on the road again!

    Nevertheless, we remain alert to corona.

    As mentioned earlier, Bouteaque is a small, personal hotel. This allows only a maximum of 10 people to be present. Due to the layout of the hotel, check-in and check-out will mainly be done via the safe system, simply to ensure the safety of the guests.

    We maintain the following protocol:

    * Wash your hands on arrival and departure

    * Do not shake hands

    * Give each other space in the stairwell and in the hallway

    * Please interrupt your stay with the following complaints:

    - Common cold / runny nose

    - Sore throat / mild cough

    - Increase (from 38 degrees Celsius)

    If you have someone in your area with the above complaints, we also ask to interrupt your stay.

    * Payments will be made by credit card or debit card as much as possible

    * Avoid public transport

    * The public areas of the hotel are disinfected daily.

    If you have any questions, let us know:




    Stay healthy, take good care of each other and see Bouteaque!

    Team Bouteaque

    To reserve

    Would you like to stay at Bouteaque Hotel? You can book with us via Booking.com via the button below.

    You can also make a direct booking via info@bouteaque.nl.

    We would like to receive your name, the day of arrival and the duration of your stay.

    Don't forget your mobile number as we will send you further information!

    Nice that you want to stay with us!

    Book now

    ONZE LIEVE VROUWEPLEIN 2 - 6211 HD - MAASTRICHT - 0031 43 311 32 46 - info@bouteaque.nl